Mark Twain once said…..

Mark Twain once said…..

Mark Twain said the two most important days in your life are “the day you were born, and the day you find out ‘why’.”

If you are anything like me, I wanted to create my own business….get off the hamster wheel of working, going to bed, and starting over the next day.  I cherished my weekends, which were always too short!  Cramming in EVERYTHING I “wanted” to do into those two days.  Of course there were those things I HAD to do in those two days also.

I wanted to actually BE who I was MEANT to be.

That is when I found Affiliate Marketing.  I didn’t have to create any product….I didn’t have to have a warehouse to store anything….I didn’t even have to create a website!  This was for me!

Several things to consider when thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer.  Does the company pay high commissions; does the company pay you commissions for the ‘front end’ offers AND the ‘back end’ offers?  Is my customer my customer for life?

Another thing to consider, is the company honest?  Is the product something I believe in?  Is the product valuable and able to change another person’s life for the better?

Working in the corporate world served its purpose.  I learned many things I had no idea would help me now.

  • Structure to my day
  • Setting priorities
  • Time management
  • Being responsible for all of the output
  • Taking pride in what I did

Now I figured out the second part of what Mark Twain was saying.  Affiliate Marketing is MY why!

  • I still have structure in my day, certain duties I perform first, second, etc.
  • I still set my priorities for each day
  • I manage my time on MY timeline
  • I am responsible for everything I promote, that it follows my values of being someting I believe in and gives value to others
  • I take pride in everything I do – even when it isn’t my best – as I am still learning also.

But the best part?  Everything I am doing now is:

  • What I love to do
  • Scheduled around MY time
  • I am not punching a time clock or growing someone else’s business
  • I can do my job from anywhere in the world so I am not tied down to my desk.  (laptop in hand and I can be anywhere)
  • There is no ceiling on the amount of income I can generate – it is 100% up to me
  • I have time for my friends and family
  • I am not dependent on just two days of the week to do things I WANT to do.

I look forward to my days for the first time in my life!

Want to know what it is I do?

Click here to find out.

Kathie Hynes

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